June Story


A story can happen all in a moment.
It can be quick and fresh and over before you know it.

But then a story can linger… and in the recollection and the re-telling,  perhaps to sweet young faces snuggling into their night time pillows, the story which seems so old now, becomes immediate again…
as if it happened just yesterday.


June Story is one such tale.


“Grandam was last to bed that night. The house of sleepers seemed to enfold her as she made her way upstairs. The hush was palpable: barely a sound except for the whisper created by the slumbers of the Robin, Pippin and Pearl or by the wind sighing in the trees outside.

A gentle hush
A gentle hush

She paused on the upper landing where the window gave a wide view of the street. All was still. All lay smooth and blanketed beneath the snow. Once standing in this way late one Summer evening, she had seen a dog running along the pavement. The dog had held its tail out behind it like a plume – a substantial brush. The mark, she had realised,  not of a dog but of a fox.

Wild and adventurous
A glorious bold adventurer

The fox ran to the old stone wall, standing opposite the house.

The old stone wall, mossy and decorated with sprays of wild flowers
The wall in Summer so mossy and decorated with sprays of wild flowers

It waited, watching, until sure enough a companion trotted into view, a tiny kitten.

With a balletic leap the fox gained the top of the wall and looked down encouragingly at the kitten who at once followed with a scrabble and a scrape.

Another world
Together in a world of their own

She had thought it a charming adoption at the time. Now she smiled and made her way to bed, imagining the paw prints the two creatures could have made in the immaculate snow of this night.”


June Story  was part of my Sunbeam and Suitcases installation for the Dreaming of Home exhibition at The Customs House, South Shields, Spring 2016.

I created a circle of 12 suitcases, hampers or baskets, one for each month of the year. Each of the 12 contained a miniature world of stories and memories relating to that month. June Story is a Summer memory recollected in Winter after many years have passed and after much life experience has been gained.

A world apart
Embroidered luggage label for the month of June

I am continuing to work on this theme of the passing seasons, developing the textile worlds and their stories which are a blend of imagination, memory and anecdote, all threaded through with affection.

Thanks for visiting, most welcome one and all.