Cousin Frances

Cousin Frances is a story in herself.

Suffolk puffs
Suffolk puffs and vintage stamens

She is not often with us, but whenever she comes to call, we are delighted.

She is a dainty dresser, wearing blossoms in her hair.

She is fond of a lace collar, especially a scraplet of ecru tatting.

Her shoes are handstitched by her  own shoemaker who is a humble being and never comments on the rather large nature of Cousin Frances’ feet..

1-Cousin Frances 025
Soft felt shoes

Frances is also partial to upcycling. One of her favourite skirts is fashioned from a much-used tablecloth, embellished with a ruffle taken from a summer smock – but we don’t always mention these origins. On occasion Frances is prickly about such matters.

Herringbone stitch
Herringbone stitch

We don’t know why because she always looks so pretty and stylish.


Cousin Frances is an amusing raconteur. Her journeys to see us are often full of incident. Once she encountered an owl, dreaming next to a tree. Cousin Frances was sure that the owl was fast asleep but it spoke to her, nonetheless: called her ‘My Dear’ and gave very accurate directions to our home without ever once opening its eyes.

1-Cousin Frances 033
The dreamy owl

‘It needed to save it’s  full wide-eyed vigilance for the nightwatch’ – or so a little bird told Frances.

1-Cousin Frances 035
Little tweedy bird

Frances is a dainty eater but she is fond of fairy cakes and strawberries so we try to keep a little stock ready for her, just in case.

Velvet strawberries and a knitted pincushion cake


1-Cousin Frances 041
Patchwork tablecloth

A few of her favourite nibbles are often all that are required to prompt  another tale.

Frances does admire a proper table setting with everything in its place.

Paper roses and a vintage bobbin
Paper roses and a vintage bobbin

Thank you for visiting us Cousin Frances. Always welcome and always in our hearts.


Your special friends are very welcome too.

Frances Goodnight xxx